KBH / Renee Greenlee: Blue Alchemy
  • Karma Bird House Gallery
  • April 30, 2021 – May 31, 2021

Renee Greenlee: Blue Alchemy

Renee Greenlee’s solo exhibition “Blue Alchemy” encapsulates an ongoing exploration of our local watershed. Greenlee makes place-based cyanotypes using water from Lake Champlain, capturing different moments in time and texture. This exhibition features small studies on paper, large-scale works on silk, and “A Blue World Come To Light”; a video about her process by fellow artist Macaulay Lerman.

Renee Greenlee is a photographer based in Vermont. In addition to her professional and community projects, she utilizes film and historic processes to explore place, liminality and the work of being present. To that end, she creates cyanotypes of her local watershed, bringing a blue world to light.